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The Doric Columns

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Latitude 57 9' North, and Longitude 2 6' West

Fit Like Min? ~ Nae Sae Bad! 

The ever evolving Doric Dialect used in the North East of Scotland for it's ease, urgency and swiftness of communication

The Saturday to the Cyte of Dabberden, a faire Castell and a good towne upon the sea.
- Voyage of Kyng Edwarde, 1295.

Betwixt Dee and Don a goodly cytee a marchaunt toune and universytee. - John Hardyng, c. 1420.

Where trade prospers and where learning has its chief shrine, and where twin Aberdeen raises her twin towers; a city Second neither to Massilia nor Athens. - Thomas Dempster, 1609.

Where twin cities, rising in twin valleys, the one famous for its commerce, the other for its learning, seem as if they touched the sky with their twin towers. - John Leech, 1620.
A city that doth neighbour with the sea,  To which the ocean's waves do constantly flow up as Handmaids, - Arthur Johnston, 1632.

Aberdeen is a notable town ; and in writing of its praises I would be engaged most pleasantly, - if ability or time were within my grasp. - William Smith, 1701.

Mrs. Hill Burton's eulogium of the Town :
"But who that really knows the Granite City will agree with her about the New? Is it nothing to be able to walk along the whole length of her noble Union Street, whether on fair summer mornings when the sun is shining, or again in the frosty winter nights when the eye is held by the undulating perspective of the lamps and the very houses glitter keenly in the starlight ; and the aurora borealis is seen dancing at its best in the northward sky over the chasm from Union Bridge?  Is it nothing to saunter down by the bustling quays and shipyards, and thence to the extreme of the harbour, where the great out jutting pier of stonework ends the miles of breakers and of sandy beach to the left, and spikes the wrath of the North Sea?"

'The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen' or Aurora Borealis which is less romantic than the song are an irregular feature of the night sky, from the autumn until spring, in the Northeast of Scotland. Thanks to the solar flare eruptions, they have on occasions been particularly spectacular, and Royal Deeside, west of Aberdeen, has been as good a place as any to see them free of sodium street light pollution.  The Northern Lights are created by incoming solar particles colliding with gases in the Earth's atmosphere. Different gases produce different colours. At around 185 miles high, oxygen is the most common gas, and collisions there can create a rare Red Aurora. The yellow-to-green light is produced by collisions with oxygen at lower altitudes (between 60 to 185 miles). At around 60 miles, nitrogen molecules produce a red light, which often seems to form the lower fringes on Auroral "curtains", while lighter gases such as hydrogen and helium make blue and purple colours.  My father was in his mid 30s before he witnessed for the 1st time the green spectacle of weaving vertical curtains present in the clear night sky above Brimmond Hill from a viewpoint in Northfield.

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    Aberdeen was the 1st City, with the City of Regensburg, Bavaria - (home of the Messerschmitt 109 Factory) in 1955 that entered into a Partnership.  It is filled with life through student projects on various current issues, Cultural and Sporting activities in the area as well as the cooperation of youth organisations.  There is a close relationship between the 2 Universities. The Community College of Regensburg has developed in recent years, sustainable and interesting projects with the Arts Development team in Aberdeen.  For example, a book was jointly published reporting on the elderly of both cities by their post-war experiences - precious memories that have not been lost through this cooperation for future generations.

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