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The Doric Columns

Bairn's Ditties

In anticipation of Snow-

Sna Mannie, Sna Mannie,
Bring doon Sna,
Bring doon a Hunder.
An a’ll catch it a'!

A Risque Tongue Twister -

Old Mother Hunt,
Had a Cuddy Blunt,
Not a Cuddy Blunt,
But an old Blunt Cuddy!

Counting Out -

Eenie meenie miney mo,
Sat the baby on the Po'
When she's done ,
Wipe her Bum,
Throw the paper up the lum!

Eetie Oatie,
Horses Totty,
Eetie Oatie

Cancelling Hide and Seek

Ah oot a new ane in!



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