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The Doric Columns

Aberdeen Mittwoch Blitz -
Both Sides Report

During the war 365 bombs, of which one hundred were incendiary (fire-generating), were to fall on Aberdeen in 28 attacks, 169 people were killed in Aberdeen during these attacks, and 592 were injured. Almost 200 houses were destroyed outright, and over 12,000 buildings sustained damage.


Gerry Scanlan was an 18 year-old Glaswegian from the Catholic district of Provanhill, he was a steward in the army, based at the Gordon Barracks. He and 26 of his young fellow soldiers were killed that night. His grave is in Trinity Cemetery, which shows his parents' names. One of his colleagues was so badly burned, the death certificate for the lads which was issued in Oldmachar parish, simply reads 'unidentified male'.


This date represents a dark chapter in Aberdeen's history - 127 bombs were dropped by a 30-strong squadron of Dornier 217s from the Luftwaffe, who flew over from Stavanger, Norway, bent on the City's destruction. Nazi spies had somehow acquired the 1939 town plan and had a long list of sites they were going to bomb.


Aberdeen and Wars

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