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The Doric Columns

Jackie and Sandy

Chalk and Cheese

Jackie Aged 3 Sandy Aged 2 with mother Frances Aged 19 and no I am not present except as as a stored Ova due to be fertilised in 2 years time . Taken Circa 1940 both children the same size - mother was under-fed while pregnant and married at the age of 16 and learned to chew the fat discarded by others in order to sustain her unborn child.  Jackie was born underweight for the time and was always the runt of the litter - small but perfectly formed as they say.  Both sport fine footballers legs which led to them both being in the School Football team at the same time.

Fredrick Street Secondary School where jack  and Sandy finished their schooling. Sandy was Dux.  The Old Kingsway Cinema was beyond the playground.  The upper storey used to be open to the elements as can be seen from the near end and was a rooftop playground till deemed unsafe.

Three Bairnies in a an Attic Bed - 'Cuddle Doon' a' the gither.

'The bairnies cuddle doon at nicht
Wi’ muckle fash an’ din.
"Oh, try and sleep, ye waukrife rougues;
Yer faither’s comin’ in."
They never heed a word I speak.
I try to gi’e a froon;
But aye I hap them up, an’ cry,
"Oh, bairnies, cuddle doon."

Wee Jackie wi’ the curly heid –
He aye sleeps next the wa’ –
Bangs up an’ cries, "I want a piece" –
The rascal starts them a’.
I rin an’ fetch them pieces, drinks –
They stop awee the soun’ –
Then draw the blankets up, an’ cry,
"Noo, bairnies, cuddle doon!"

But ere five minutes gang, wee Eddie
Cries oot, frae ‘neath the claes,
"Mither, mak’ Sandy gie ower at ance,
He’s kittlin’ wi’ his taes."
The mischief’s in that Sandy for tricks;
He’d bother half the toon.
But aye I hap them up, and cry,
"Oh, bairnies, cuddle doon!"

At length they hear their father’s fit;
An’ as he steeks the door,
They turn their faces to the wa’,
While Tam pretends to snore.
"Ha’e a’ the weans beed gude?" he asks,
As he pits aff his shoon.
"The bairnies, Alec, are in their beds,
An’ lang since cuddled doon."

An’ just afore we bed oorsels,
We look at oor wee lambs,
Sandy has his airm roun’ wee Eddie’s neck,
An’ Eddie his airm roun’ Sandy's.
I lift wee Jackie up the bed,
An, as I straik each croon,
I whisper, till my heart fills up,
"Oh, bairnies, cuddle doon!"

The bairnies cuddle doon at nicht
Wi’ mirth that’s dear to me;
But soon the big warl’s cark an’ care
Will quaiten doon their glee.
Yet, come what will to ilka ane,
May He who rules aboon
Aye whisper, though their pows be bald,
"Oh, bairnies, cuddle doon!"

This was written by a Scot named Alexander Anderson, who died aged 64 in 1909. but ammended names to suit the 3 braw brithers and red heads - the Wild Fowler's.  He also wrote "The Two Angels" . He wrote a companion poem to "Cuddle Doon" called "Wauken Up"   My mother couldn't really tell us apart in the dim light reflectively shed from the gas bracket 'ben the hoose' so she felt each red head and she new by the texture of the hair who was who and where we had finally wormed to our nesting place.



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