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The Doric Columns

Picture House (Gaumont)
as The Picture House in 1914 to seat 877. 
Called locally 'the Picter Hoose' - as in 'are ye gan tae the Picters'

Essential Viewing for Gordon Highlanders -
The Iron Duke
at the Picture House Cinema perhaps a recruiting drive.

THE IRON DUKE, 1934 Film 88 mins from a story by H. M. Harwood;
Directed by Victor Saville and produced by
Gaumont-British Pictures.
Duke of Wellington . . . . .              George Arliss 
Duchess of Wellington . . . . .         Ellaline Terriss 
Madame (Duchesse d'Angouleme) Gladys Cooper 

Poor Little Rich Girl 1936 The daughter of a wealthy businessman becomes lost in the city while travelling to a new school, and is taken in by a pair of down-on-their-luck performers.

It had a plain entrance with white marble-finish pillars and a large open fireplace in which a coal fire burned in winter. Dark wood panelled walls were hung with French tapestries and there was a large tearoom on the first floor called The Tapestry Room.

Journey's End 1930

James Whale and Colin Clive participated in a film adaptation of R.C. Sherriff's classic WW1 play, "Journey's End". Critically acclaimed at the time.  Now unfortunately nearly forgotten, this gripping account of a group of men in a trench deserves another look and a greater appreciation.Put that Light Out!

Cinema Sold with circuit, and renamed Gaumont, in 1950. It closed in 1973.  Demolished for offices, but façade retained.  The first floor front was also used as an Art Gallery or Exhibition Display area.


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