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The Doric Columns

Hazlehead Park
A park of over 180 hectares, which was originally part of the Freedom Lands granted to the City in 1319.  The land fell into private ownership but was bought back by the Council in 1920. This park is on the outskirts of Aberdeen and is heavily wooded. It is popular with sports enthusiasts, walkers, naturalists and picnickers. Around the park are football pitches, a golf course, pitch and putt course and woods for walking.  The park itself has rose gardens, azalea & rhododendron borders, heather beds, a children's play area and a pets’ corner. The park has a significant collection of sculpture by a range of artists and heritage items which have been rescued from various places within the city.

Large and forested, located on the outskirts of the City. There are 2 golf courses, a pitch and putt course and a horse riding school.  There is so much to do in Hazlehead Park for people of all ages. Hazlehead Park boasts Scotland's 1st maze which was opened in 1935 and created by Lord Provost Sir Henry Alexander. Pets Corner can be enjoyed by young and old alike. Animals that live happily here include donkeys, goats, a lama, budgies, guinea pigs, rabbits and a well stocked aquarium. The tranquil Queen Mother Rose Garden is a peaceful area to sit in and admire hundreds of roses in bloom. The park is also popular for its crazy golf and putting courses. There is also an 18 hole pitch and putt course.  The Hazlehead Estate was purchased from the Rose Family in 1920 for £10,000.  It has been much changed over the years, with a golf course added in 1927 costing as much as the original purchase.

How to terrify 'wee bairns' inadvertantly - this Polar bear outfit was worn by the poor individual to provide a photoshoot opportunity as a record of visiting the Hazlehead Park and to sell photographs by the local enterprising studios. Some beery breathed man would seek to constantly re-assure you that he was not about to eat you as he bounced you in his grasping paws.  His talking mouth being clearly visible through the gaping bear's toothy jaw.  Some enterprise eh - and a little far south for such inhabitants.  He stood not far from the Tram Terminus entrance with his accomplice complete with camera and tripod.

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