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The Doric Columns

1841 - Street Directory

Original Notations

Boulgate, Castlegat (vico castri), Chakkaraw (Exchequer), , Gastraw Guestrow), Galowgat, le Greyn, Hedraw, Hucsterrawe, Merkat gate, Newraw, Qwerkirkgat, ratowne-raw , Schipraw, Thevis brig, vicus furcarum, pons de Don, pons de Polgowny, Locations  Futy, Dronydonis hil (Dunnydronis), and the Girthcorse which marked the area of Sanctuary for the Cathedral.

Those mentioned in the St Nicholas chartulary are: Castle Street, Chackraw, Gallowgate, Green, Gastraw, Shiprow, Upper Kirkgate. It too has many mentions of the King's Highway.

Names of the older streets in the town, viz. Castlegate, the Braidgate, the Overkirkgate, the Netherkirkgate, the Gallowgate, the Gaistraw, the Shipraw, the Rottenraw, the Dubbyraw, the Checkeraw, the Narrow-wynd, the Back-wynd, the Correction-wynd, Putachie's-side, and the Green.

Outwith Aberdeen there is a charter that relates to the sale of 2 crofts in 1362 by Robertus de Berevyk, a Burgess of Aberdeen, to Ade Pyngil. These lay between the end of the forked street from the western part of the King's Highway that runs from Aberdeen towards the Burgh of Kintore.  There are some interesting references to old roads: one was to the "Wine Causeway" in Kintore west of Aberdeen where customs had to be paid to the Burgh of Kintore and another to the "Laurence Road" leading through Culsamond parish to the fair at Old Rayne. 

George Milne Fraser (1862-1938) was born in the Parish of Methlick, Aberdeenshire and started his working life as a stone-cutter in one of the many local granite yards. An accident curtailed this form of employment, and in 1877 he joined the staff of the Aberdeen Free Press and gained a reputation for specialising in articles on Local History. This in-depth knowledge of the local area was probably 1 of the main reasons why he was appointed City Librarian for Aberdeen in 1899, despite not having had a particularly academic background. This position he held for almost the next 40 years, and was credited with numerous innovative developments in his field, particularly in the acquisition of many of the publications added to the Library's Local Collection.

Aberdeen Street Names, Their History, Meaning, and Personal Associations
Many of this author's works are relatively scarce.  Many books have been published on the History of Aberdeen, but this is the only one to have concentrated on the origin of the names of many of the streets that still survive in the city today. Mention is made of the destruction of many of the older parts of Aberdeen, particularly in the 19th century, both for slum clearance and for street widening, but it is still remarkable how many of the older streets are still in existence. It is interesting to follow how the Author reached his conclusions on the origins of some of the street names, and he was ideally suited to explore the research opportunities offered by his position as Librarian. This book is available in its original form, complete with all of the original illustrations.


Academy Street, from Dee Street to Crown Street
Adelphi, between 49 and 51, Union Street
Affleck Place, from Maryvvell Street to Affleck Street
Affleck Street, from Crown Street to Harbour
Albion Street, from Park Street to Links
Albion Court, 18, Castle Street
Albyn Place, west from Alford Place
Alford Place, west from Union Place
Anderson's Court, 73, Netherkirkgate
Ann Street, from 1 Maberly Street to Hutcheon St.
Annand's Court, 30, James Street

Back Wynd, from Union Street to Schoolhill
Baltic Street, from Prince-Regent Street to Links
Bank of Scotland Court, 35, Castle Street
Barnett's Close, from Guestrow to Flourmill-brae
Beattie's Court, 102, Gallowgate
Beattie's (J.) Court, 101, Gallowgate
Belmont Street, from Union Street to Schoolhill Belmont Street (Little), Belmont St. to Back Wynd
Berry Lane, from Gallowgate to Loch Street
Black's Buildings, from Woolmanhill to Spa Street
Blackbull Close, 4, Huxter Row
Blackfriars Street, from Woolmanbill to St. Andrew Street
Blaikie's (Provost) Quay, south side of Harbour,
Blairton Lane, from Broad Street to Guestrow
Bon-Accord Square, from East to West Craibslone Street
Bon-Accord Street, from Union Street
Bon-Accord Terrace, from Union Street
Booth's Court, 66, Netlierkirkgate
Bothwell's Court, 25, Justice Street
Bonnie's Court, 19, Upperkirkgate
Brebner's Court, 9, Castle Street
Brebner's Court, 84, Shipiow
Brewery Lane, Old Aberdeen, from College Bounds to the line of road from King Street
Broad Street, from Union Street to Gallowgate and Upperkirkgate
Broadford, north west of George Street
Broadford Place, from George Street to Broadford Works
Broadford Lane, from Broadford to Causewayend Road
Bruce's Court, 20, Loch Street
Burn Court, 14, Upperkirkgate
Burnett's Close, 5, Exchequer Row
Burr's Court, 152, Gallowgate
Bursars' Court, 61, Castle Street

Canal Terrace, from Virginia Street to Garvock Street
Canal Street, from Mounthooly Bridge to Froghall Bridge
Canal Lane, from Canal Terrace to Summer Lane
Canal Lane, Old Aberdeen, from High Street to Flyboat-house
Candle Court, 78, Loch Street
Candlemaker's Court, 46, Gallowgate
Cameron's Court, 311, North Street
Carmelite Street, from Green to Trinity Street
Carmelite Lane, from Fisher Row to Trinity Street
Carnegie's Brae, Iron) Netherkirkgate to Putachieside
Caroline Place, Skene Square
Castle Street, from Union Street to Justice Street and Castle-brae  - No mention of Castle Terrace
Castlehill, from Castle-brae to Park Lane - this is the intermediate terrace leading to then Park Lane (upper Commerce Street) and then onwards to Heading Hill and Hanover street.
Castle-brae, from Castle Street to Virginia Street - this may have been the Futtie Wynd of Old replaced by Virginia Steps and Castle Terrace
Catherine Street, from Causewayend to George Street
Catto Square, Garvock's Wynd
Causewayend, from Gallowgate to Gowanbrae
Chanonry, Old Aberdeen, from High Street to Cathedral
Chapel Street, from Union Place to Skene Street
Chapel Street (Little), from Chapel Street to Summer Street
Chapel Lane, from Weigh-house Square to Shorebrae
Chapel Court, 61, Gallowgate
Chapel Court, 1, Justice Street
Chaplainry, Old Aberdeen, from Don Street to Cathedral
Charles Court, 40, Upperkirkgate
Charles Street, from Broad ford to Causewayend
Charlotte Street, from St. Andrew Street to John Street
Cheyne's Court, 69, Broad Street
Chronicle Lane, from North Street to Mealmarket Lane
Chronicle Court, 32, Broad Street, and 10, Queen Street
Church Street, from Lime Quay to St. Clement Street
Clarence Street, from Cooperston Buildings to Friendship Farm
Clark's Court, 2, Upperkirkgate
Clark's Lane, Old Aberdeen, from Don Street to East Road
Clime's Court, 65, George Street
Cluny's Lane, from High Street to East Road, Old Aberdeen
College Bounds, Old Aberdeen, from Spital to Brewery Lane
College Street, from Windmill-brae to Clayhills
College Court, 82, Broad Street
Collie's Court, 28, Shiprow
Commerce Street, from Quay to Park Lane
Commercial Court, 58, Castle Street
Commercial Buildings, from 107 to 119, Union Street
Concert Court, between 10 and 12, Broad Street
Constitution Street, from Park Street to Links
Cooper's Court, 26, Netherkirkgate
Cooperston Buildings, from Holburn Street to Toll-bar
Copper-Company's Court, 14, Gallowgate
Correction Wynd, from Green to St. Nicholas Street
Courage's Court, 3, Weigh-house Square
Coutts' Court, Netherkirkgate
Cowgate, from Justice Street to Park Lane (later Commerce Street)
Craibstone Street (West), from Bon- Accord Terrace to Bon-Accord Square
Craibstone Street (East), from Bon-Accord Street to Bon-Accord Square
Craigwell Place, from Skene Street to Denburn Terrace
Crombie's Court, 37, Park Street
Crown Terrace, from Crown Street to St. Mary's Place
Crown Street, from Union Street to Marywell Street
Crown Street (South), from Affleck Street to Dee Village
Crown Court, between 41 mid 43, Union Street
Crown Court, 36, Upperkirkgate

Cruden's Court, 22, Broad Street
Cruickshank's (Leslie) Court, 91, Broad Street
Cruickshank's (Thomas) Court, 8, Schoolhill
Cruickshank's (C) Court, 10, Shiprow
Cruickshank's Court, 40, Shiprow

Daniel's Court, 48, Castle Street 
Davidson's Court, 111, Gallowgate 
Dee Street, from Union Street to Marywell Street 
Dee Street, from Lower Trinity Street to Lower Denburn 
Denburn, from Poynernook to Spa Street 
Denburn Terrace, from Union Street Bridge to Skene Terrace
Devanha Place, near Ferryhill Buildings
Diamond Street, from Union Street to Silver Street 
Diamond Lane, from Diamond Street to Silver Street
Donald's Court, 20, Schoolhill, and 16, Loch Street 
Donald's Close, 14, Schoolhill 
Downie's Court, 65, Broad Street 
Drum's Lane, from 26, Upperkirkgate to Loch Street 
Duncan's Court, 45, Castle Street 
Duncan's (D ) Court, 120, Gallowgate 
Duncan's Court, 74. Gallowgate 
Duthie's Court, 45, Guestrow 

East North Street, from King Street to Park Street 
Emslie's Court, 105, George Street 
Emslie's Court, 26, Gallowgate 
Ewen's Court, 42, Gallowgate 
Exchange Court, between 35 and 37, Union Street 
Exchequer Bow, from Castle Street to Shiprow 
Exchequer Court, 9, Exchequer Bow 
Exchequer Place, Weighhouse Square
Farquharson's Court, 17, Upperkirkgate
Farquharson's Court, 10, Schoolhill 
Ferguson's Court, 30, Gallowgate 
Ferguson's (J.) Court, 108, Gallowgate 
Ferryhill Buildings, near Devanha Brewery 
Ferryhill Lane, Old Aberdeen, from Spital to Sunnybank 
Fish Street, from Summer Lane (Miller Street) to Albion Street (Bool Road)
Fisher Bow, from Maltmill Bridge to Green 
Flourmill Brae, from St. Nicholas Street to Barnett's Close
Flourmill Lane, from Netherkirkgate, to Flourmill-brae 
Footdee, from Canal Basin to North Pier 
Forbes Street, from Skene Square to Stocket Road 
Forbes Court, 78, Green 
Frederick Street, from King Street to Park Street 
Froghall Lane, Old Aberdeen, from Spital to Canalside 
Gaelic Lane, from Belmont Street to Back Wynd 
Galen's Court, 21, Guestrow 
Gallowgate, from Broad Street to Causewayend, Mounthooly 
Gardener's Lane, from Justice Street to East North Street 
Garrow's Court, 18, Trinity Street 
Garvock Street, from Canal Basin to Garvock's Wynd 
Garvock's Wynd, from Garvock Street to the Links 
Gas Street, from Trinity Street to Poynernook 
Giddes' Court, 17, Prince Regent Street 
George Street, from St. Nicholas Street to Broadford 
George Street Market, George Street and John Street 
Gerard Street, from Gallowgate to George Street 
Gibb's Court, 91, Shiprow 
Gilcomston, from Woolmanhill and Spa Street to Short Loanings 
Gilcomston Steps, from Spa Street to Skene Square 
Golden Square, from North to South Silver Street 
Gordon's Court, 22, Gordon Street 
Gordon's Court, 4, Schoolhill 
Gordon's Court, 45, Virginia Street 
Gordon's Court, 88, Broad Street 
Gordon's Court, 47, North Street 
Gordon Street, from Windmill-brae 
Green, from Windmill-brae to Putachieside and Fisher Row 
Guestrow, from Netherkirkgate to Upperkirkgate 

Hanover Lane, from Albion Street to Fish Street (small lane running down from Heading Hill)
Hanover Street, from Headinghill (Commerce Street) to Albion Street 
Hardgate, from Newbridge to Mile-end 
Harper's Court, off North Street 
Harriot Street, from Schoolhill to Loch Street 
Harvey's Court, 90, Gallowgate 
Headinghill, from Park Lane to Hanover Street 
Henderson's (A.) Court, 123, Gallowgate 
Henderson's (W.) Court, 161, Gallowgate 
Henderson's (W.) Court, 91, Gallowgate 
Henderson's Court, 129, Gallowgate 
Henderson's Court, 46, Broad Street 
High Street, Old Aberdeen, from College Bounds to Don Street 
Holburn Street, from Wellington Place to Holburn Place 
Holbum Place, to South Mile-end 
Huntly Street, from Union Street to Summer Street 
Hutcheon Street, from Causewayend to Skene Square 
Hutcheon's Court, 4, Shiprow 
Huxter Row, from Broad Street to Castle Street 

Innes Street, from Gallowgate to Loch Street
James Street, from Quay to Virginia Street 
Jamieson's Court, 5, Upperkirkgate 
Jamieson's Court, 38, Shiprow 
John Street, from Woolmanhill to Loch Street 
Jopp's Court, 31, Gallowgate 
Jopp's Court, 40, Broad Street, and 11, Queen Street 
Jopp's Lane, from St. Andrew Street to John Street 
Justice Street, from Castle Street to Park Street 
Justice Lane, from Justice Street to East North Street 

Kidd Lane, from Chapel Street to Summer Street 
King Street, from Castle Street to Love Lane 
Kingsland Place, from Barkmill Burn to Hutcheon Street, west 
Knox's Court, 7 Wales Street 

Lamond's Court, 49, Upperkirkgate 
Langstane Place, head of Dee Street 
Ligertwood's Court, 99, George Street 
Lime Quay, from Commerce Street to Waterloo Quay 
Lindsay Street, from Diamond Street to Golden Square 
Links Street, from St. Clement Street to Links 
Littlejohn Street, from Gallowgate to North Street 
Lobban's Court, 29, Castle Street 
Loch Street, from Harriot Street to "Vennel"
Lochside, from Windy Wynd to Loch Street 
Lodge Walk, from Castle Street to Queen Street 
Long-acre, from Broad Street to North Street 
Love Lane, from Spital to Links 

Maberly Street, from Broadford Gate to Skene Square 
McCombie's Court, 52, Union Street, and 51, Netherkirkgate 
McCook's Court, 116, Gallowgate 
McGregor's Court, 99, Gallowgate 
Machray's Court, 81, George Street 
Machray's Court, 13, Bon-Accord Street 
McKay's Court, 80, Gallowgate 
McKenzie's Court, 62, George Street
McLean's Court, 50, Gallowgate 
Maitland's Court, 42, Netherkirkgate 
Maltmill Bridge, from Putachieside to Fisher Row 
Marischal Street, from Castle Street to Quay
Marine Terrace, near Ferryhill Buildings
Market Lane, Old Aberdeen, from Townhouse to East Road 
Martin's Lane, from Green to Kenny's Wynd 
Marywell Street, from College Street to Dee Street 
Marywell Place, south from Crown Street 
Matheson's Court, 14, Castle Street 
Matheson's Court, 9, Constitution Street 
Meal market, Meal market Lane 
Mealmarket Lane, from King Street to North Street 
Melville's Court, 106, Gallowgate 
Messon's Court, 31, Justice Street 
Mearns' Court, 53, Shiprow 
Meters' Court, 11, Chapel Lane 
Middlethird, from Waterloo Quay to St. Clement Street 
Mill Street, from Summer Lane to the line of road leading to Bannermill 
Milner's Court. 25, Guestrow 
Milner's Court, 38, Castle Street 
Milne's Court, 27, Gallowgate 
Milne's (Provost) Court. 65, Gallowgate 
Milne's (W.) Court, 60, Gallowgate 
Mitchell's Court, 80, North Street 
Mitchell's Court, 41, Guestrow 
Mitchell Place, from North Street to King Street 
Moir's Court, 103, Gallowgate 
Mounthooly, from Gallowgate to Canalside 
Muttonbrae, from Woolmanhill to Denburn 

National Bank Court, 42, Castle Street 
Nelson Street, from King Street to Gallowgate 
Netherkirkgate, from Broad Street to St. Nicholas Street 
New Street, Old Aberdeen, from Don Street to the line of road to King Street 
Niven's Court, 29, Guestrow
North Street, from East North Street to Mounthooly 
North Lane, Old Aberdeen, from Seaton-gate to the line of road from King Street 

Ogston's Court, 84, Broad Street 
Oliver's Court, 12, Upperkirkgate 
Orchard Lane, Old Aberdeen, from College Bounds to the line of road from King Street
Park Street, from Justice Street to Canal 
Park Lane, from Park Street to Commerce Street 
Peacock's Close, 24, Castle Street 
Pensioners' Court, 18. Justice Street 
Pirie's Court, 50, Castle Street 
Pirie's Court, 32, Shiprow 
Pirie's Court, 1, Upperkirkgate 
Plasterers' Court, 70, Gallowgate 
Poor's-Hospital Court, 56, Gallowgate 
Pork Lane, from Quay to Virginia Street 
Porters' Court, 12, Weigh-house Square 
Porthill Close, 98, Gallowgate 
Porthill, from Gallowgate to North Street 
Poynernook, foot of Denburn 
Prince Regent Street, from Canal Terrace to Baltic Street 
Princes Street, from King Street to Park Street 
Putachieside, from Carnegie's Brae to Maltmill Bridge 

Quakers' Court, 55, Guestrow 
Quay, from Poynernook to Harbour entrance to Canal 
Queen Street, from Broad Street to North Street 

Ragg's Lane, from Broad Street to Guestrow 
Ramsay's Court, from 83, Broad Street to Guestrow 
Ramsay's Court, 7L Guestrow 
Red-Lion Court, from 77. Broad Street to Guestrow 
Reform Street, from Park Street to Constitution Street 
Reid's Court, 34, Gallowgate 
Reid's Court, 6, Shiprow 
Relief-Church Court, 10, St. Andrew Street 
Rennie's Wynd, from Green to Trinity Street 
Rettie's Court, 26, Broad Street 
Rettie's Court, 65, North Street 
Riddle's Court, 40, Windmill-brae 
Rhind's? Court, 64, Gallowgate 
Robertson's Court, 143, Gallowgate 
Roper's Court, 107, Gallowgate, and 72, Loch Street 
Rose's Court, 18, Commerce Street 
Rose Street, from Union Place to Bridewell 
Ross' Court, 22, Schoolhill 
Ross' Court, 11, Trinity Corner 
Ross' Court, 6, Upperkirkgate 

St. Andrew Street, from Loch Street to Woolmanhill 
St. Catherine's Wynd, from Union Street to Netherkirkgate
St. Catherine's Court, 16, Shiprow 
St. Clement Street, from Garvock Street to Wellington Street 
St. Mary's Place, from Crown Terrace to Crown Street 
St. Nicholas Street, from Union Street to George Street 
St. Nicholas Lane, from St. Nicholas Street to Correction Wynd 
Salter's Court, 39, Lochside 
Schoolhill, from Upperkirkgate to Woolmanhill 
Scott's Court, 25, Quay 
Seaton-gate, Old Aberdeen, from Don Street to Old Bridge of Don 
Shewan's Court, 119, Gallowgate 
Shiprow, from Union Street to Trinity Corner 
Shoe Lane, from North Street to Queen Street
Shorebrae, from Shiprow to Quay 
Shore Lane, from Quay to Virginia Street 
Shuttle Lane, from East North Street to Park Street 
Shuttle Street, from St. Andrew Street to John Street 
Silver Street, from Golden Square to Skene Terrace 
Sim's Square, from Blackfriars Street to John Street 
Sim's Court, 88, Shiprow 
Simpson's Court, 136, Gallowgate, and 96, Loch Street 
Sinclair's Close, 20, Justice Street 
Skene Place, from Skene Street to Cherryvale 
Skene Street, from Denburn to Skene Place 
Skene Square, from Steps of Gilcomston to Hutcheon Street 
Skene Terrace, from Skene Street to Summer Street 
Smith's Court, 16, Netherkirkgate 
Smith's (J.) Court, 113, Gallowgate 
Smith's Court, 49, Gallowgate 
Smith's Court, 21, Castle Street 
South Silver Street, from Union Street to Golden Square 
Spa Street, from Denburn to Steps of Gilcomston 
Spence's Court, 5, John Street 
Spital, from Mounthooly to Old Aberdeen 
Springbank Terrace, from South Crown Street to foot of Bon-Accord Street 
Spring Garden, from George Street to Windy Wynd 
Still's Court, 88, Shiprow 
Stronach's Close, Exchequer Row 
Sugarhouse Lane, from Quay to Virginia Street 
Summer Street, from Union Place to Skene Street 
Summer Lane, from Garvock's Wynd to Fish Street 
Sutherland's Court, 20, James Street 
Sutherland's Court, 126, Gallowgate 
Sutherland's Court, ?8, Shiprow 

Theatre Lane, from Quay to Virginia Street 
Thistle Street, from Rose Street to Rubislaw 
Thomson's Court, 55, North Street 
Thomson's Court, 61, Broad Street 
Thomson's Court, 21, Quay 
Thornton's court, 23 Guestrow
Thornton Place, 29, Guestrow, and 4, Flourmill Lane 
Trinity Street, from Denburn to Trinity Lane 
Trinity Corner, from Shiprow to Putachieside 
Trinity Lane, from Trinity Corner to Trinity Street 
Tytler's Court, Green 

Union Street, from Castle Street to Union Place 
Union Buildings, from Castle Street to Shiprow 
Union Place, from Union Street to Alford Place 
Union Terrace, from Union Bridge to Skene Terrace 
Union Lane, from Union Street to Guestrow 
Union Row, from Union Street to Summer Street 
Union Wynd, from Union Row to Summer Street 
Upperkirkgate, from Broad Street to Schoolhill 

Vennel, from Gallowgate to Loch Street
Victoria Court, 54, Castle Street 
Victoria Place, from Albion Street to Wales Street, thence to the Canal 
Virginia Street, from Commerce Street, to Weigh-house Square
Wales Street, from Park Street to the Canal 
Wales Street (Little), from Wales Street to Hanover Street 
Wales Street Market, Wales Street 
Walker's Court, 30, Virginia Street 
Walker's Court, College Street 
Walker's Court, Shiprow 
Wapping Street, from Trinity Street to Lower Denburn 
Water Lane, from Quay to Virginia Street 
Waterloo Quay, from Harbour entrance to Canal to Shipbuilding-yards 
Watt's Court, 46, Virginia Street 
Watson's Court, 45, North Street 
Webster's Court, 10, East North Street 
Webster's Court, 72, Shiprow 
Webster's Court, 23, Guestrow 
Weigh-house Square, Quay 
Well Court, 14, Broad Street 
Wellington Place, from Union Place to South Bridge 
Wellington Street, from Waterloo Quay to Links 
Whitehouse Street, from Chapel Street to Skene Street 
Windmill Brae from Green to Hardgate 
Windy Wynd, from Gallowgate to Spring Garden 
Woolmanhill, from Schoolhill to Steps of Gilcomston 

Yeats' Lane, from Canal Terrace to Summer Lane 
Yeats' Court, 30, Netherkirkgate 
York Place, from Waterloo Quay to York Street 
York Street, from Wellington Street to north side of Shipbuilding-yards 
Young Street, from Gallowgate to Loch Street
Patagonian Court, Craigie Loanings are 
not listed and notable omissions

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